We are always on the lookout across Australia and internationally for unique, quality and contemporary pieces of jewellery. They’re brought together in one place for you.

Bonty is an online jewellery store that provides a platform for independent designers to sell their wares and for shoppers to find exclusive pieces.

When you shop with Bonty you are supporting independent design. Items are shipped within one business day so you can be wearing or gifting the pieces quickly!

About Amy

AmyI love unique pieces. Growing up I would marvel and play with my mother’s abundance of costume jewellery. Big elephants, beads made of wood, strings of pearls and long coral necklaces (this was the eighties people!).

It intrigues me that the right jewellery can make or break and outfit – whether it’s a big chunky hero piece to liven up a simple white shirt or delicate silvers and golds to add the finishing touch to an outfit.

The women in my life have had a huge influence on how I view and select my jewellery. I love nothing more than collaborating with, and drawing inspiration from my family and friends unique styles to choose the best pieces for today’s fashion and lifestyle with a focus on fun, functionality and affordability.

Finding Bonty was an organic step for me to continue to build a platform where I could explore and share my love of distinctive and contemporary pieces and support and showcase the independent designers who create these collections.

I look forward to sharing this journey with you!


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