Inspired by Australian design with a dash of Scandinavian charm, Amindy is an avid believer in less is more as long as there is a pop of colour and a nod to the individual. Made and designed in Melbourne, they are always busy at work evolving their collection of homewares, accessories and jewellery through colour, shape, and texture.

From paper craft and painting, to jewellery making and digital photography, Amindy’s creator Amy has spent her life tinkering away with new materials and learning new skills. Amy’s intrinsic desire to make things led to her studying fine art before turning her attention to interior design. This mix has culminated in a love of homewares and accessory design, and the birth of Amindy in 2014.

Ps: Amindy is conscious and caring about the environment. Their approach is to minismise waste and eco footprint by supporting our lovely local suppliers.

arki designs

Arki is the creation of Sydney-based jewellery designer Sophia Gardner. Arki’s designs feature bright, bold and quirky colour combinations, and aim to make statement jewellery fun and accessible. Each piece is handmade (with love!) from lightweight clay, and each and every pair are unique.

and O design

and O Design creates delicate and alluring ceramic jewellery and interior accessories. From a home studio in the northern suburbs of Melbourne Australia, since 2009 Japanese artist Yumi Ando has hand crafted geometric forms, curious bunnies, miniature hanging air-plants, delicately painted lustre necklaces and more. Inspired by the natural world, industrial forms and her Japanese background. Her pastel and traditional Japanese colours; indigo blue, uguisu green and sakura pink were first created in 2010. She has been making lustre decorated jewellery and homewares since 2011 and her luster work and pastel colours are now part of and O design’s signature style.

Each piece is a unique cultural fusion, shaped from porcelain, earthernware and raku before being decorated by hand. All pieces are kiln fired at least twice to ensure strength and longevity.

Bizwacky Designs

Bizwacky? What a strange name!!! You betchya, thats what the designer, Kaysan, is all about. Bizwacky is a name created from the words BIZARRE and WACKY. These two words were chosen as Kaysan felt it most represented her design style. Bizwacky Designs is a place where Kaysan can step out of her typical life (Eat, sleep, work and repeat) and find herself. To create some wonderfully strange goodies and then share them with the world.

If you love Pom poms, bright colours, tassels and little patternsBizwacky’s goodies are perfect for you. Yes they may be unusual and not something you would not normally wear or like but sometimes risks and changes need to be taken. How will you ever know if you like it or not if your to scared to try…

I bet once you go Bizwacky you won’t ever look back.

Correy & Lyon

Correy & Lyon is the creative label by Perth designer Kristy Correy. Kristy Correy has always been more than just a little obsessed with creativity and conceived the label while living in Berlin. After starting her own fashion label back in 2006, Kristy currently divides her time between Australia and Europe.

Esther Kate Jewellery

Esther Graham is a Perth based contemporary jeweller who works with traditional materials and techniques combined with the use of unconventional materials such as paper, ceramics and textiles to make wearable objects. Esther enjoys exploration of materials and the wearability of objects.

Esther’s pieces often reflect and incorporate the ephemerality and delicacy of materials. The conceptual essence informing the work is often based on nostalgia, sentimentality and ‘home’. Esther grew up on a small farm in a small country town in the Great Southern of Western Australia. Her home provides endless inspiration for her work.

Esther is part of a group of Western Australian jewellery designers ‘Bauble Collective’

Harper + Hudson

Harper + Hudson create both functional and stylish jewellery with a minimalist aesthetic. Their range of washable, non-toxic and light weight jewellery come in a range of designs that are perfect for mothers, but also great for anyone wanting chemical-free, durable and practical jewellery. Who doesn’t love throwing their jewellery into the dishwasher to come out sparkling clean?

All of their jewellery is made from 100% non-toxic silicone and is free from nasty chemicals – BPA, PVC, phthalates, cadmium and lead. Each piece features a breakaway clasp that will release if tugged by little hands.

Kimba Design

Kim Hardie (aka KIMBA) began working with Resin back in 2009 in Carnarvon, Western Australia.
Kimba Design jewellery is all hand made by Kim. The special high grade epoxy resin is carefully mixed and poured into the setting, then while the resin cures and sets over several hours, I carefully remove any bubbles that appear.

As for the artwork beneath the resin, Kim’s new range for 2016 was created using several different mediums where photography and art collide. Together with a combination of several layers of artwork, the result is some beautiful designs.  So whether your style is vintage or contemporary, or your favourite colour is pink or green, we probably have a piece thats right for you.

A  lot of Kim’s work is inspired by botanicals, which can range from wildflowers in the Gascoyne Region of Western Australia to suburban and city gardens.

Linda Tahija

Linda’s career began after graduating from Sydney’s prestigious College of Fine Arts. Linda worked her way up to became the head designer at a company that supplied works to Australia’s largest commercial jewellers, a role that took her to Bangkok in Thailand and saw her work alongside some truly inspiring designers. Four years later, the dream in her heart to have her very own label beckoned and so she made her way back to Australia. Upon her return in 2010, Linda Tahija Sterling Silver Jewellery was born.

Drawn to the ability of a piece of jewellery to tell a story and hold a deep personal meaning for the wearer, it is her goal that her very own creations will become such items, treasured and past on from generation to generation. Each Linda Tahija work is made from nickel free sterling silver and coated in precious metals. The label is recognised for producing pieces that feature exquisite texture and patterning, available in silver, rose or yellow gold plated/vermeil.


Maclatchy jewellery is a side project from Melbourne based jewellery designer Rebecca Pocock. Departing from her usual precious offerings this range is lovingly made by hand from sustainable hardwood. The combination of simple shapes, vibrant colour and attention to detail makes Maclatchy jewellery wearable handmade fun, designed to generate smiles.

not Tuesday

not Tuesday is the creation of Sydney based stylist Rachel Wightman. Her handmade necklaces focus on the bold simplicity of colour, shape and texture. With a desire to create the unexpected, colour compositions happily marry murky, vibrant, vivid and earthy tones. The imperfect shapes, matte texture, organic form and joyful colour clashing, merge together to make little pieces of wearable art.

Paint Nail Lacquer

Paint Nail Lacquer was born because of creator Amy Pierce’s love of colour.
An interior designer by trade, when Amy was working on projects and using the paint fan decks she would often find herself wishing she could have this specific shade in a nail polish. From here she combined her passions; colour, design and beauty. Paints image is clean, minimal and classic with a strong design emphasis.

The collection began with 12 colours and Amy has kept the range minimal, consisting of the must have colours of the new seasons. Through interior design she is able to gain additional perspective outside of the beauty and fashion world.

Paint is Australian made, vegan, cruelty free and follows the 5 free formula. This is means that it is void of formaldehyde, formadeyhde resin, DBP, toluene and camphor.
There is a growing awareness in society for ethical choices and standards and Amy needed Paint Nail Lacquer to comply to be able to release a product that she is proud of.

Poly & Bee

Breanne is a farmers wife, mother of 3 and owner, designer and maker of ‘Poly & Bee’. Breanne launched ‘Poly & Bee’ in October 2016 after a long time creating unique handcrafted polymer clay jewellery for family and friends. She strives to produce unique, stylish jewellery and accessories from a small ‘studio’ at home on her farm in Savernake, NSW.

Romeo + Madden Skin Food Lab

Romeo and Madden Skin Food Lab was established in 2015 by Tarney Hall, after experimenting with natural alternatives to the chemical ridden skincare products she was using.

After spending months on end researching pure natural ingredients like coconut oil, essential oils, butters, clays, charcoal and cacao, Tarney started melting and mixing and blending and stirring and setting and ….. she was obsessed.

Tarney’s first goal was to formulate a range of products she could use on her skin every day that would clear her acne and keep her skin blemish free while working at reducing fine lines and preventing any from forming.

Romeo + Madden’s mission is to offer everyone an alternative to chemical based skincare that is not only natural, but effective at treating and preventing our worst nightmares, acne and wrinkles (not to mention psoriasis, eczema, dermatitis and pigmentation), and there is plenty available for those of you with ‘normal’ skin!!

Shlomit Ofir

Shlomit is a young designer working and living in Tel Aviv. After earning her degree in Industrial Design, Shlomit began to pursue her true love by creating her own line of jewellery and accessories. Designed and made in Israel, Shlomit Ofir creates unique jewellery which combine a teddy, updated approach with a personal and distinctive touch. The collection is combined of items made from gold and silver plated metals and less conventional materials such as wood and formica.

When Adam Met Eve

When Adam Met Eve was established in 2012, when Perth based graphic designer Karen Tai felt the need to satiate her creative urges through another avenue – jewellery design. Having always been a fan of tactile design, Karen loved the idea of creating unique, quirky handmade jewellery that allowed her to express herself through fashion.

When Adam met Eve offers a collection of handmade jewellery for every day wear. Made with love in Perth, Western Australia, the jewellery makes for a great gift for loved ones or yourself. Clay flower earrings, laser cut earrings, necklaces and cufflinks all with a personalised touch.


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