Wild Flower

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    Wildflower was a photograph on the pink paper like everlastings. Kim then played around with the image and created this crazy explosion of colours. Inspired by a recent visit to the beautiful and haunting Kennedy Ranges in the Gascoyne, Western Australia. On her way to a picnic in the gorges Kim was lucky enough to experience the brief explosion of wildflowers. She has then designed these images from the photographs she took on that visit. Wearable art!

    Kimba Design earrings are of an extremely high quality and you will feel proud knowing you have purchased a one of a kind, hand made product that is unique and not mass produced from a chain store.

    Handmade by carefully pouring resin into the setting and then delicately picking out any bubbles, not always and easy task and can take hours while setting, but worth it as the resin creates a wonderful glossy look.

    These earrings are made using stainless steel settings and are 12mm in diameter. The artwork is thoroughly sealed in resin so they are even waterproof.

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